Pat Robertson a.k.a. ‘Ole Consistent

You’ve probably already heard the story, but yesterday Pat Robertson stated on television that he believed the U.S. should go into Venezuela and “take out” Hugo Chavez.

If you haven’t seen the actual broadcast of Pat Robertson going insane, go here to watch the video clip.

People are making a really big deal of this, and words like “hypocrite,” and “batshit insane” are being thrown around with abandon. While I don’t disagree with either of those terms, I’d like to think that most people with an ounce of intelligence already knew that Robertson had no interest in teaching the way of Christ. His behavior was fairly consistent with my opinion of him. He uses his ideological platform to influence his viewers and encourages them to make political changes under the auspices of religion. His actual motivations may or may not have a damn thing to do with religion (I’m votin’ may not).

Pat should be taken for entertainment value only. Get a couple of drinks, maybe some nachos, and settle in with the 700 Club for some laughs. Take a shot every time Pat prays for the death of a Supreme Court justice; take two every time he equates feminism with “witchcraft.” You’ll be drunk within an hour.

Pat is to the televangelists what Robert Novak is to the world of punditry.

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