Non Sequitur Blogging…That’s Kind of Redundant, Huh?

I’ve got a few leftovers to dish out:

Sometimes late at night I wonder what happened to all the Sasquatches. Finally I now know why, thanks to Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.

As many times as I’ve watched Clerks, I don’t think I ever realized how many swear words there are in that movie. Maybe I’ve become desensitized to foul language (I know I catch myself constantly swearing at the wrong times: “What elements of neoclassicism do I see in Milton? Well, every book opens with an invocation to the fuckin’ muse, and”¦wait, whattya mean I gotta retake this exam?) Kevin Smith has posted a trailer for Clerks 2 that consists solely of characters swearing from the original.

Click here to read Stephen Colbert’s article on his memories of playing D&D as a young man. I kind of had a love hate relationship with the game. I loved it for all the reasons Colbert talks about, but at times I hated it because after about two hours of gaming our DM turned into a complete jerk. Why? Well, because as soon as the game began Jeff started chugging beers like he was in some kind of contest, and when he was drunk he was sadistic and took great joy in trying to kill our characters. For the first couple of hours it would be a lot of fun, and then the game would slowly degenerate. You knew you were in trouble when Jeff would start giggling to himself for no discernable reason. Then came the dreaded, “Dude, roll a saving throw” “What”¦Why?” “You can’t ask why because you don’t know what’s happening, just roll” “Fine” “Ha-Ha, dude you’ve just turned undead!” “What? Jeff that doesn’t make any sense. Why am I now undead?” “I’m the DM and I’m not allowed to tell you why” Then everyone would start arguing and eventually we’d all leave and let Jeff finish his beers.

Superman is a mean drunk.

An index to creationist claims and the scientific rebuttals to them.

A young photographer named Clayton James has been posting for several months on a blog called “Operation Eden.” Weeks before Katrina hit he used money he had earned selling his photographs to buy his mother a new trailer home. Katrina hit and destroyed everything. Since then Clayton has been in Slidell (which was hit much harder than New Orleans) helping his mother and brother, and along the way taking as many photographs of the devastation as possible. What I find particularly touching about his photos are not the images of destruction, those are a dime a dozen, but Clayton also takes portraits of people affected by the hurricane and then tells a little about them. The photos combined with Clayton’s words are truly heart-breaking. The man is an artist.

A list of made-up words that have appeared on The Simpson’s.

And finally, from the Don’t-You-Have-Anything-Better-To-Do Dept.: Another couple of authors claiming to have discovered who really wrote all of Shakespeare’s work for him. Unfortunately, the authors don’t have onomasticly ironic names. Pity.

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