My Young Son

Before reading any further click here, quickly read the description below the video, and then watch the video. Give it time”¦your patience will be reward (besides it’s only six minutes.)

Okay. Back? Good. Let us proceed.

Am I the only one a little bit tired of the whole “we gotta protect the kids” branch of extremism? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for protecting kids from reasonable things like insane gunmen, bees, bird flu, avocado smoothies, Bubble tea, and Jennifer Lopez movies. Beyond that you pretty much just hope that the values and morals you’ve so diligently instilled in your kids will lead them down a level path.

Once your children start leaving the home without the constant supervision of a parent, guardian, teacher, etc, they are truly beyond your control. When that time comes your only recourse is to pray that you’ve provided them with the tools needed to stay safe and make smart choices.

That said, kids will eventually see nudie pictures. It’s gonna happen. So let’s quit panicking about how they may or may not eventually google the terms “boobies” or “ass.” I’ll save you the time: They will”¦no doubt about it. Especially if they’re boys. So let’s not cripple the computers at libraries with monitoring programs just because someone might see a naked boobie, okey-dokey? Your job is to teach them how to deal with the boobies once they see them, so quit relying on external sources to compensate for your lack of instruction.

Enough of the soap-box. How funny was it that the investigative news team caught a thirty-year-old man with a ”˜70’s porn mustache kneading the old dough, instead of a young kid ruining his mind with net porn? Good gracious. And then the library let the guy back in? And he promptly proceeded to do the exact same thing? Priceless.

But the hilarity continued, didn’t it? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier the reporter decided to confront the man’s parents. Now, if their middle-aged kid feels comfortable masturbating in a public library, just how sophisticated did they expect the parents to be? I couldn’t help but think of this clip when I saw the angry father threatening to pummel the reporter.

If he would’ve said “I happen to have my young son in the yard, and I don’t wanna hear that kinda language” I probably would have peed myself.

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