Meth, Ooooo Meth

I gotta get this off my chest:

ClaritinI am sick and tired of the government punishing the masses for the transgressions of a very small group of people.

I went to CVS this afternoon to buy some Claritin. I needed the kind with the pseudoephedrine, because nothing else seems to clear up my sinuses. I figured that I’d be able to run in and run out.

Boy was I wrong.

I had to wait in line for the pharmacist, because apparently the dumbass Texas Legislature is so afraid that meth heads will run in and buy up all the pseudophedrine that you have to fill out a form to buy the shit. It’s not a controlled substance, and it’s still OTC, but you have to give’em your info anyways. I was glad I had my leather wallet with me, because after I took it out and bit down on it, I was able to prevent myself from screaming obscenities at the clerks, which probably would have guaranteed that they wouldn’t have given me my Claritin.

Enough with the anti-drug shit already. Some people are gonna get screwed up no matter what we do, so let’s just not even worry about’em. In fact, why are we even jailing people who are addicted to meth? Good God, the addiction is punishment enough. Just give’em more meth. There, punishment served.

In fact, why can’t we put these people to work? Let’s just exploit their addiction. We can get’em all jacked up on meth, and then give’em a trash bag and tell them to pick up all the garbage on the side of the roads. Or we could bribe them into cleaning graphitti off of city property. They’d work for hours and hours and make sure that everything was spic and span. And best of all we pay them in meth, which as we all know is pretty damn cheap (just look at the winners who get addicted to it). I’m sure they have a pretty short life-span, which is okay. They’ll be real skinny by the time they die, so it’ll cost very little to bury them.

Frankly, I could give less than a crap if we have a meth epidemic. No one forced those people to take that nonsense. I just want my damn Claritin.

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