Kick the Sandman in His Sack

Tonight Leigh and I saw Dave Attell perform at the Empire Theater.

What a diverse crowd. It was like being at the carnival. On the front row were people in business suits, and then in the row directly in front of me and Leigh (which was row 3) there was a woman who looked like she should be operating rides at the fair. She had come by herself, and before the show began she walked down to find her seat. She asked the guy in the seat next to hers (who she didn’t know) what his seat number was, and then she said, “Ok. I’m right beside you. I’ll be back, I’ve gotta go do a shot!”

Dave killed onstage. His set was strong all the way around. Good improv, good material, and the man can handle a rowdy crowd. About halfway through his set he started smoking onstage. I don’t think he was supposed to, because he kept looking at someone offstage and smiling every time he lit another cigarette. I guess he figured he was already out there and there wasn’t a lot anyone could do after the show had started.

After the show he hung around to sign stuff and talk with the fans. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring our good camera so the pictures were taken with my cell phone.

I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised at the approachability of the celebrities we’ve met. Everyone has been cordial and gracious, and Dave was no exception. It was a good night.

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