I’m Kinda Jet Set

Tonight Leigh and I were folding clothes on the bed, and I noticed my work socks looked funny. I only have a few black dress socks so I usually know what they look like. But it looked they they had gotten thinner. I noticed it the last few times I’d worn them, but tonight, with them on the bed in the light, they looked really different. Leigh noticed my intense gaze and asked me, “Why are you staring at my nylons?”

Turns out I’ve been wearing her hose. No wonder they felt so thin. And came all the way up to my knees.

So in recap, yesterday a bird shit on me, and today I discover that I’ve been inadvertently cross-dressing.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

(And yes, I realize that by admitting to this on the blog I open myself up to mocking, but really, you can’t make me feel any more stupid than I already do.)

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4 thoughts on “I’m Kinda Jet Set

  1. Flood

    Your last name isn’t Craig, is it? And do you have a hankering for a good Idaho potato? Do you route all you airline flights through Minneapolis

  2. Chris

    I knew there was a reason I read this so early in the morning before work. I will carry that image with me all day. And laugh about it all day. Thanks.

    Oh, and any time you need to borrow a dress to go with those, I’m pretty sure mine will fit you. Maybe, Halloween cross-dressing zombie?? You’ve got red on you, and it just looks FABulous!

  3. Tank

    I’m pretty sure I recall you dressed up like a cheerleader, holding me down saying something to the effect of “… you’re going to have to explain to your dad that a man gave you a hickey.”

  4. Awesome! Awesome to the max!

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