Fate Makes You Impotent, Love Makes You Crazy, Somewhere In The Middle You Can Survive.

You know that scene at the beginning of “Throw Momma From the Train” where Billy Crystal is sitting at his typewriter and despite his every effort he remains unable to write a single line for his new book? He just keeps repeating “The night was”¦” over and over again until he suffers a mini-meltdown, and near the end of the movie Momma’s mockery of his writer’s block fuels his feeble attempt to kill her. Well, I kinda feel like that now except I don’t have anyone to throw off the back of a speeding train.

I suppose I’m just exhausted from driving and traveling, but I get frustrated when I’m unable to write something spontaneously.

I watched the making of “Get Shorty” today and Elmore Leonard explained how he never experienced writers block during his fifty-three years as a professional writer. I cried inside a little bit when he said that.

I’ll get some rest, and tomorrow you can expect a funny and thought-provoking post, quite possibly some Leftovers, and maybe some funny pictures as well.

Unless of course, my cousin Patty shows up.

Which would be weird because I don’t have a cousin Patty.

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