Several months ago, I bought what I thought was a twelve GB jump drive from Monstor. It looked like a Zippo lighter, and let me repeat, it held twelve GB of data. Total nerdgasam.


Here’s where the problem occurs: In reality it wasn’t a flash drive but an actual hard drive, complete with moving internal parts. Why should that matter? Well, it’s generally not a good idea to throw around a hard drive all willy-nilly. Or put it in a backpack and walk around with it bumping and colliding with pens and pencils and all the other shit I carry around. Hard drives have moving platters inside them, not to mention articulator arms and all kinds of little moving bits, all of which are susceptible to shock and damage.

I’m sure you can see where all this is going. That’s right, today my totally rad Zippo drive suddenly started making wacky little whirring noises, and even more maddening, the computer would not recognize it. Oh, sure, the little blue light would illuminate when I plugged it into the USB slot, but nothing would happen. Normally I save files on both the desktop hard drive and the flash drive, but since mid-term grades are coming up I haven’t had time to backup the Zippo drive.

Yeah. My grades and my grade reports suddenly refused to open. So I got pissed, and I took the stupid thing apart. Now remember, I thought I had a flash drive, so imagine my surprise when I saw this:

open drive

That ain’t a flash drive.

So now I have a day to come up with grades to turn in for mid-term.

On the bright side, I did find this nifty little service that syncs all your Microsoft Docs with Google Docs. I just got finished uploading almost five hundred documents from my local hard drive to Google Docs. Hopefully this shit won’t happen again.

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One thought on “F.U.B.A.R.

  1. Tank

    Google doc’s has personally saved my ass, but I’m still scared that some bad thing will happen since I’m not in control of my files and they make no guarantees. Side note: that tiny hard drive is effing cool.

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