Crappy Post and The Dead Kenny Sketch

After searching for a stable internet connection like Allan Quartermain for the Lost City of Gold, we’re finally sitting at a sandwich shop which offers their customers free wi-fi. I suppose one cookie and a Dr. Pepper technically makes us customers, but I’d kick me out if I were the manager.

I’m not a fan of socialism, but I think a socialist philosophy and agenda represents the only way we’ll ever get ubiquitous internet coverage throughout the country. Our capitalist society will never allow for free wi-fi coverage which services large areas.

Anyway”¦enough of that. Since I’m not able to write proper posts while staying at my parents, I thought I’d post a video to keep you entertained.

So please enjoy “The Dead Kenny Sketch:”

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3 thoughts on “Crappy Post and The Dead Kenny Sketch

  1. Chris

    While I do assume that you had a simple spelling error, and you were in fact at a sandwich SHOP, that images that flooded my mind were fabulous:

    Skimpily clad models strutting about with plates of sandwiches, waving them across your range of vision before spinning about with a flip of their hair to torment yet another; perhaps awesomely stacked sandwiches towering impossibly high in insane sculptures of cheese and meat meant to defy logic. Maybe the sandwiches themselves roll about the runway, powered by mechanical devices the envy of roboticists everywhere, sandwiches with legs and balancing mechanisms, sandwiches with gas powered engines noisily rolling about, sandwiches with all terrain tracks crushing any other sandwich they come across.

    Wow, European sandwich shows must be really cool. Are you getting a t shirt from there?

  2. Yes. I meant shop.

    Although now I desperately want to watch a sandwich show. Sounds like fun.

  3. I did correct the error, but you know, the original was almost more entertaining.

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