Click Click Boom!

Umm, in light of certain circumstances I feel I should make an announcement.

I realize that in the past I may have written some disparaging comments about the current administration, and in particular Vice President Dick Cheney. I acknowledge that in the past I have referred to him several times as Dr. Evil, and on more than one occasion I have joyfully compared his mannerisms and approachability to Senator Palpatine. I see how my behavior may have been misconstrued by Vice President Cheney, and I would like to clear up any discrepancies.

I sincerely regret any pain I may have caused him or his family. I certainly meant no disrespect, and in fact my playful ribbing originated out of my deep love and admiration of Vice President Cheney. I support the Vice President on all issues, even those on which he is categorically incorrect.All kidding aside, I wonder if Bush will give the Big Dick a new nickname? “Cheney Get Your Gun?” Nah. Too long and dated. It’ll probably be something like “The Rifleman,” but wouldn’t it be great if it was “Boomstick?”

UPDATE: Predictably Scott Adams posted a brilliant piece on the Cheney shooting accident.

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2 thoughts on “Click Click Boom!

  1. leigh

    “boomstick” would be a great nickname, but only if he said stuff like “groovy” and “gimme some sugar, baby.”

  2. Well, as far as looks go Cheney has more in common with the Deadites than with Ash. Maybe he went around saying “We’ll swallow your soul!”.

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