Click Click Boom!

Umm, in light of certain circumstances I feel I should make an announcement.

I realize that in the past I may have written some disparaging comments about the current administration, and in particular Vice President Dick Cheney. I acknowledge that in the past I have referred to him several times as Dr. Evil, and on more than one occasion I have joyfully compared his mannerisms and approachability to Senator Palpatine. I see how my behavior may have been misconstrued by Vice President Cheney, and I would like to clear up any discrepancies.

I sincerely regret any pain I may have caused him or his family. I certainly meant no disrespect, and in fact my playful ribbing originated out of my deep love and admiration of Vice President Cheney. I support the Vice President on all issues, even those on which he is categorically incorrect.All kidding aside, I wonder if Bush will give the Big Dick a new nickname? “Cheney Get Your Gun?” Nah. Too long and dated. It’ll probably be something like “The Rifleman,” but wouldn’t it be great if it was “Boomstick?”

UPDATE: Predictably Scott Adams posted a brilliant piece on the Cheney shooting accident.

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  1. leigh says:

    “boomstick” would be a great nickname, but only if he said stuff like “groovy” and “gimme some sugar, baby.”

  2. Mark A. says:

    Well, as far as looks go Cheney has more in common with the Deadites than with Ash. Maybe he went around saying “We’ll swallow your soul!”.

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