Hangman Is Coming Down From The Gallows

I’m a little depressed, because tomorrow I’m going to have to confront a student who turned in a plagiarized paper. At this level of college writing, I understand that some students will have difficulty in grasping MLA format, the importance of parenthetical citation, and the seriousness of plagiarism. I expect some students will fail to […]

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Mr. Garrison Is My Hero

This is what my id sounds like in class.

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Caution: Immature Content And Naughty Words Will Follow

Before one of my classes began today, I asked the few students that had already wandered into the classroom how they felt about revising their most recent paper. It was due today, and most of them answered wearily that the process went okay. They have been working on the paper for over a week, so […]

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Socratic Method My Ass

I’m sure that anyone who’s ever done any kind of public speaking or teaching already knows this, but different groups of people exude different levels and types of energy. When I started this semester I naively thought that a class was a class was a class. That ain’t the case. All classes posses a unique […]

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There But For The Grace Of God…

This is a video of a lecture by Howard J. Hall, a professor in the business school of Florida University. Oh, excuse me, former professor, because as you’ll see in that video the good prof was apparently smoking the reefer before classes. I’m not sure if the guy is actually stoned or not, but it’s […]

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Email Shenanigans

I find it amazing how informal or rude some of my students are when they send me an email. If I’m lucky they start out by saying “hey,” but some of them don’t even bother with that. They just hit the ground running and spout out whatever they planned to write without any introduction””sans spellcheck, […]

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Embodied Hypertexts

As the traffic for Hyperliterature grows I find myself increasingly worried about the content that I post. I want to make sure I continue to entertain but not offend, and I’m constantly worried that too many personal posts will look unprofessional and way too diary-like. I have noticed that everyone likes a good YouTube clip. […]

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Students Don’t Listen (Well, Some Of Them)

It’s a good thing I’ve trained in martial arts for several years, because I am not a popular individual today. I seriously wish I had remembered to bring my ninja stars and throwing spikes to work”¦damn, these students are so pissed. Here’s the thing: I do not understand how someone feels they have the right […]

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I Tumble For Teaching

People have asked me how my first week at school went, and I have to say, I had a lot of fun. I did feel quite apprehensive before my first class, but I think that in some ways every teacher, no matter how seasoned, must feel at least a little bit of apprehension before beginning […]

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My First Day: Part I

I’ve got my first class as a writing instructor in the bag, baby. I made it through the entire fifty minutes with nary a kick at anyone. Good on me, huh? There I am in my office sporting a ridiculously awesome tie. All kidding aside, if all the other classes are filled with the same […]

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