Big Brother

Tonight when I sat down to write I was all set to publish a scathing post about the wiretapping scandal which looms over the Bush administration like a buzzard circling over roadkill, when a Google search halted me in my already cynical tracks.

I use Google image search to find images related to my posts, and I had entered “big brother” in hopes of finding a cool looking image related to the Orwell novel 1984. I thought an image like this one would compliment the post I had in mind quite well.

Can you guess what Google yielded as the results instead?

If you guessed loads of images from the T.V. show “Big Brother” then congratulations, because that’s exactly what I got. Lots of images from “Big Brother.” So many images in fact that I had to redefine my search terms and include “Orwell” in the search box, and even then I still got images about the T.V. show.

In spite of the scandal du jour the top search results for the term “big brother” point to a dumbass T.V. show. How utterly pathetic.

I’ll save the wiretapping post for a less disillusioned moment.

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