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Last month I wrote a post about starting my own religion. I wrote it after reading an article about Scientology, which reveled that Scientologists had constructed a cave in which they were storing all their “holy documents” in case Scientologists from the future traveled back in time and wanted to learn more about ancient Scientologists. I swear I’m not making this up”¦it’s too damn weird for me to make up. Go here for a Washington Post article about it, and go here to read my previous post on it.

To mark the spot where the “holy documents” are stored the Scientologists made huge concentric circles on the ground so the future Scientologist could see them from space. The people over at Google Sightseeing used Google’s satellites to find those circles. Go here to see them.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote a whole episode of South Park dealing with Scientology. You can view the whole episode on-line right here.

I really can’t believe that people actually fall for Hubbard’s bullshit “religion.” Watch the South Park episode I linked to, and in the middle of it they reveal what Scientologists actually believe which I guarantee will amaze you. There are aliens, volcanoes, nuclear bombs and space travel. If so many people didn’t think it was a religion it might make a pretty neat sci-fi novel”¦which makes sense because L. Ron Hubbard was an f-ing sci-fi writer and not some dammed prophet! All those Scientologists deserve to have their money taken from them.

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