Amen I Say To You, I Saw A Great Dragon Appear Over The Urinal At Denny’s

angelLast month at the South Carolina state fair, Catherine Austin, while atop the Ferris wheel, snapped a picture of an “angel” hovering above her. Her son thinks the angel appeared to inspire his mother, who just so happens to be scared of heights. Frankly, I’m just glad to know that with all the horrible shit occurring in the world that the Heavenly hosts still find time to calm the nerves of the local illiterate.

Apparently the Choirs think that the best way to help out their sublunary brethren is to make random appearances on toast, road signs, and over crowds of inbred folk at the State Fair.

My question? Well, besides where are these people getting their drugs–I’m wondering why the denizens of Hell aren’t up here advertising, too. You’d think they’d want to seize an opportunity to counter Heaven’s media blitz.

I’m waiting to see Azazel appear on a tasty piece of focaccia, or Mammon suddenly show up in a cloud of marijuana smoke at a Dave Matthews concert.

demonAnd why we’re talking about this, why do otherworldly beings have such a poor concept of mass communication? Toast and scrambled eggs are hardly effective means of transmitting information. You’d think they could use their powers to appear during an episode of American Idol, or in the pits of a NASCAR event.

I also wonder why only select characters from the Bible reappear and not others. All the totally sweet ones aren’t showing up. Where’s the seven-headed dragon? He’s spoken of pretty prominently in Revelation, but so far he’s a no-show. Same goes for the Leviathan. Thousands of years and nada from the Leviathan.

That’s the problem with Leviathans”¦they’re just so unreliable.

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