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Scott Adams published a funny little post about writer’s block over at his immensely entertaining blog. Scott says that people frequently ask him if he ever gets writer’s block, and he says the question they should be asking him is how do you get past writer’s block?

I’m particularly fond of this quote taken from Adams’ blog entry: “I always have writer’s block up until the moment I have an idea.” How Zen is that?

I’m pretty sure that I constantly have writer’s block. I’m not the type of writer who posses the ability to sit here every night and experience a spontaneous overflow of emotion. I endlessly struggle with words, ideas, and syntax. You’d be shocked at the number of times I change a post. After I publish a post entry I may fiddle with my text for an hour or more republishing every five minutes until I get tired of messing with it.

Every time I sit down at this keyboard I feel as if I go through a violent mental masturbation session in an attempt to construct something meaningful and interesting to post. That’s really my goal”¦interesting writing. I don’t care if I’m funny or if I’m topical, but only that a few people find what I’ve written interesting.

I know the question you’d ask me if you could: “If you struggle so much why do you do it?”

Truthfully, I’m exaggerating a bit”¦ok a lot. Some nights are better than others for writing. Take last night for example. I’ve known for a while I wanted to post that entry, so writing it didn’t take too long. Editing my pictures for the entry actually took longer than writing the text.

Also, I truly love the feeling that comes from having created something. Just the notion that a group of people, no matter how small, find a reason to come here several days out of the week to read my meaningless nonsense makes all the hand-wringing and nail-biting worth it.

Since we’re speaking on a meta-level here, let me ask my readers a question: What would be one thing you feel would make my blog more readable? Colors hurt your eyes? Screen size annoying? Wish I would stick to one particular topic? Too many swear words? That one probably won’t change. Comment or shoot me an email and let me know. In the next several weeks I plan to give Hyperliterature a facelift and I’d like your input.

I may not use it, but I’d like it.

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One thought on “A Writer Writes…Always

  1. Debbie

    You’ve never had any trouble expressing your feelings. When you start writing, the words flow like water-unlike some of us that take forever to write a simple letter. I’ve always envied that part of you.

    And, since you asked, I find the blue words on the black background somewhat difficult to see. Nothing serious, just a little hard.

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