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links for 2008-06-01

Update: Prince is still a wacko Prince to YouTube: Take down my live cover of “Creep” immediately. Radiohead to YouTube: Put Prince’s cover of “Creep” back up immediately. We own the damn song, and he didn’t pay us for it.

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Its Structural Perfection Is Matched Only By Its Hostility.

For the past couple of days, the internet has been in a twitter over the news that a man in Denver planned to release a video documenting an actual alien. The man, Stan Tiger Romanek, had suspected that a peeping Tom was looking in on his young daughters, so he set up a camera to […]

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links for 2008-05-31

Indiana Jones — a pinko? – via Boing Boing

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links for 2008-05-30

Letter of Complaint The funny thing is, replace Arizona State University with Baylor University, and this letter could be about me. WARNING!!! ADULT LINK INSIDE Click at your own risk.

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Dogs and Cats, Living Together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!

Rupert Murdoch says that McCain is unelectable, and he damn-near endorses Obama. Scott McLellan, the former White House propaganda-spouting-puppet; press secretary, writes a tell-all book, detailing the incompetence and the duplicity of his former boss. “Journalists” are coming forward left and right, admitting that they were basically strong-armed into lobbing the administration softballs in the […]

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I Weep For Humanity

Image compliments of Fail Blog.

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I Hope This Post Finds You Well

I have something I’d like to admit: I was a very poor student. Not in college, mind you, but as a high school student, I was atrocious. I was disruptive in classes, I rarely turned in homework on time, and even worse, I encouraged my classmates to act up as well. My role as the […]

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Don’t Tease Me–Appease Me!

On Thursday, President Bush made some comments about our foreign policy in a foreign nation. You’d think a folksy kinda guy like Bush would know that family don’t talk about family outside’a family. Anyway, the media is all in a tither because of something the president said. Here’s an excerpt: Some seem to believe that […]

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Paradoxes in Thinking?

Towards the middle of the semester in my “Writing Arguments” class, I introduce students to fallacies and flaws that unintentionally, and many times intentionally, creep into arguments. These are fallacies with which most of us are familiar, if not by their name then by their usage, and ones that the media uses frequently and judiciously. […]

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The Angel Opens Her Eyes

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