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There But For The Grace Of God…

This is a video of a lecture by Howard J. Hall, a professor in the business school of Florida University. Oh, excuse me, former professor, because as you’ll see in that video the good prof was apparently smoking the reefer before classes. I’m not sure if the guy is actually stoned or not, but it’s […]

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links for 2006-09-29

Ellie’s Christmas Present Don’t tell her…she’s gonna love it. Borat Comes to Washington – via Dear God, this movie is getting the best press ever. Now he’s getting Uzbekistan into it. I hope Sacha Baron Cohen doesn’t start WWIII with this movie.

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Screech’s Adult Movie: Or, How I Learned To Stop Retching And Close My Eyes

Celebrity news doesn’t really interest me, unless of course it’s bad celebrity news. Then I’m all over it. I’m not sure if this qualifies as bad news or not, but Dustin Diamond, he who played “Screech” on the insufferably saccharine “Saved By The Bell,” is starring in a soon-to-be released porno. Yeah. Let that sink […]

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links for 2006-09-28

¡Viva Border Volleyball! What better way to make a political statement than to crack open a few Tecates and play a little game of v-ball? Austin is so weird A group of zombies decided to protest city hall in Austin. Of course, the pirates had to go protest the zombies. When did everyone get so […]

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If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Bullshit Confuse Them With Lies

Bullshit vs lying””is there a difference? According to Wikipedia, Philosopher Harry Frankfurt of Princeton University characterizes bullshit as a form of falsehood distinct from lying. The liar, Frankfurt holds, knows and cares about the truth, but deliberately sets out to mislead instead of telling the truth. The bullshitter, on the other hand, does not care […]

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links for 2006-09-26

Man wins javelin throw by a foot. Literally–He actually hit a judge in the foot. Warning-depending on your level of perversity the picture is incredibly disturbing or side-splitting hilarious. Flying Spaghetti Monster SPOTTED- via YTMND Why the US Office is just as brilliant as the UK version This was the most politically incorrect show I […]

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Another Political Post

I’m sure you’ve seen the Chris Wallace interview with Bill Clinton by now. The blogs were already talking about it last Friday, it was on-line as soon as it aired on Sunday, and the Daily Show wasted no time in lampooning it tonight. The press have tried to paint the picture of Clinton as out […]

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links for 2006-09-25

Tough Guy Compliation- via YouTube Tornado kicks and backwards somersaults are not for the inexperienced. But they sure do make for some good video. Dear Madam, just a short note to say you died “A WOMAN recovering from major surgery returned from a doctor’s appointment to find a letter telling her she was dead.” Liquid […]

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Dude, Don’t Fear The Reaper!

Can we please all calm down about the spinach? Geez. Americans are the biggest group of alarmist nitwits on the damn planet. Only three people have died. THREE! One of the three was seventy-something, the other was an infant, and I think the last one actually choked to death because the spinach clogged up his […]

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Today’s Secret Word Is…

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