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Potter Here I Come

I just finished reading Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s new book “Dance of Death.” I feel I should warn you by saying that you shouldn’t start this book if you haven’t read their last novel “Brimstone.” Well, come to think of it, you may want to check out “Ice Limit,” “Relic,” Reliquary,” “Thunderhead,” “Cabinet of […]

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On Saturday Leigh and I were married at St. Matthew’s Church in San Antonio. It was a very small, private affair. There were only about thirty people at the ceremony, and afterwards we ate at Mamacita’s. (I’ll try and post a couple of pics from the actual ceremony later.) We didn’t really have time to […]

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Yesterday Leigh and I attended the funeral of a very dear friend. Not only was he responsible for the burgeoning of our relationship while it was still in its infancy, he left a spot on our hearts that I’m quite sure will never be filled. He was probably one of the strongest men I’ll ever […]

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The Siren and Starbucks

During the course of conversation tonight the subject of Starbucks came up, and I brought up Starbucks’ logo and it’s many incarnations. The first Starbucks logo was of a Siren with her tail fins split in lurid manner. Go here to see the different versions of the Starbucks logo. For some reason a Siren in […]

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Dumbass Insurance

The Guardian reports that athletes participating in the “Visit Scotland Adventure Triathlon” must swim in Loch Ness, and will therefore be insured against bites from Nessie. Well hell, if they’re granting insurance to guard against imaginary monsters then I’m calling my Farmer’s agent and getting a price quote for alien invasions. I wonder how much […]

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War of the Worlds

Leigh and I went and saw the new War of the Worlds movie tonight. Despite Tom Cruise’s recent antics in the media, I found him enjoyable in the film. Ah hell, who’m I kidding? I find Tom’s antics enjoyable as well, albeit for reasons that are morally reprehensible. My only advice to those who are […]

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Response From London

After I published the previous post, I found this letter from a Londoner to the terrorists.

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Spotty Posts

Posts will most likely be fairly spotty for today and tomorrow. I’ve had computer problems, and I’m reloading many of windows components as I type this. Like most people I’ve been glued to the T.V. for most of the day; trying in vain to understand the mentality that drives a terrorist. I haven’t had much […]

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For My Dad

Cows are really, really stupid animals.

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Several years ago I was an avid paintball player. My friends and I would get together for hours of shooting faux guns at one another. My friend Shanan was quite the enthusiast. He would spend hours modifying his gun, or hiking through the area we had marked off to scout good vantage points from which […]

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