links for 2006-03-06

  • Stephen waxes nostalgic about D&D, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I knew exactly what he was talking about in the clip.
  • Dear lord. She’s more raw than Easy-E. That totally vindicates her for her performance in “Where the Heart Is” and her atrocious acting in the Star Wars flicks. And she references Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “My Posse’s On Broadway.” She’s an OG, straight up.
  • Same guys as last time, and I still don’t think this is legal so download’em while you can.
  • The entire film for free on Google video. Includes clips with Lee I’d never seen. This will be of interest to me and exactly one other person, but since it’s my blog I’ll post what I want. So Flood, I hope you enjoy it.
  • I hope the dog naturally took to this and the owner didn’t actually teach him how to do it. And yes, this is coming from me, the guy who’s Beagle attends doggie dance class. And yes I know the definition of hypocritical.
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