links for 2006-03-05

  • How sad. I mean, this was practically a victimless crime. I thought titty-twisters, noogies, and Indian-burns were protected by the first amendment, but I guess the fascist lawmakers don’t care one bit about our constitutional rights.
  • D&D can be dangerous. “I live in a world of cold steel and duengons and mighty foes.” It’s always good to wear “boots of escaping” if questioned by the police. Cip taken from Reno 911.
  • “Despite plummeting poll numbers for the G.O.P nationwide and an upcoming election in which all House seats and 33 Senate seats are up for contention, Democrats pledged to maintain their party’s sheepish resignation.”
  • “Real ambition isn’t about fortifying the territory you’ve won. It’s about moving on so that the territory behind you no longer needs defending. The territory we need to leave behind is Roe.” Yeah it’s not a funny link, but one you need to read.
  • I’m fascinated by the toy that can simultaneously function as the foundation for an air conditioning compressor while at the same time filling the role as a booby trap during nighttime trips to the potty. (Step on one in the dark”¦you’ll understand)
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